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Your password

To keep your account secure, change your password if there is any risk it might have been compromised.

API keys

API keys act like special passwords for other applications to use to connect to Other applications can subscribe to templates in order to receive completed documents. You can see what subscriptions have been set up in Cloud connections.

A key is just a sequence of letters and numbers, for example Z2QlAVOQrBIQIMWKqqH6JdaVfgW7PaSeLNWj.

Generating a new key replaces the previous one, preventing it from being used again. However, any subscriptions will remain active, and documents will carry on being sent. You can delete unwanted subscriptions in Cloud connections.

There are two options for connecting other applications to

  • Use Zapier
  • Write your own custom application code

You can connect to hundreds of popular cloud apps via Zapier. You’ll need a Zapier account, but you can start with a free account.

Zapier allows you to create “Zaps”, each of which sends data from a “trigger” in one app (such as a new document sent from’s mobile app) to an “action” on another. The action might be to create a new row in a spreadsheet in Google Sheets, or creating a Document Merge with WebMerge.

While it always helps to be technically-minded, you won’t need to write any code.

Learn more about using Zapier.

If you’ve developed your own software, you can use’s REST API to connect your existing system to your mobile devices. The API is accessible from most programming languages, so long as you can make an HTTPS request and handle data in JSON format.

Learn more about using’s API or see the API Reference.

Cloud connections

Choose this option to see any template subscriptions that have been requested by Zapier or via the API.

You can see:

  • the template’s name
  • the requester – “Zapier” or “API”
  • the target URL – where documents are sent
Tap the bin icon to delete (and cancel) a subscription. Documents won’t be sent anymore.

Account management

From here you can:

  • change your billing plan
  • update your payment and contact details
  • cancel your account
If you cancel your account, all your data will be scheduled for deletion in accordance with our privacy commitments. This will not happen immediately, so contact us if you cancel by mistake.

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