API Reference's REST API uses JSON over HTTPS. All JSON text must be UTF-8.


Use the "Custom" option in the Security page to generate an API key. Each request to the API requires Basic authentication with the username "api" (all lower case), and the generated key as the password. For example:

curl -u api:key ...

Note that API keys cannot be recovered (they are not stored), and generating a new key will replace (and so deactivate) the previous key. Deactivating a key means it can no longer be used to authenticate API requests. However, existing subscriptions will continue to function.

Response Codes

  • -

Dates: iso-8601-date-time


For example: 2017-11-13T20:27:04.750Z

If only a date is required, without time, then use the abbreviated format.


Request Formats

Request body

Response body