Guide: Users


“Users” are the people who will use the mobile app to create documents by filling in templates.

Creating users


Creating users

To create a new user, click on the button that looks like this:

Add user

Each user needs a name and a password. The name is up to 16 letters and numbers. Letters will be converted to lower-case.

Library subscriptions determine which templates the user will see. There is always one library “(all users)” to which (you guessed it) all users have access automatically. You can’t un-tick this one.


Tap on the user to see a list of actions.


You can see any documents synchronized from the user’s device, both pending and completed.

Tap on a document to see its contents.


Tick libraries to add them, un-tick to remove. You can’t remove “(all users)”.

Any change here has to be synchronized with the user’s device, so the effect might not be immediate. In particular, if you remove a library and later re-add it, re-adding has to wait until the removal has synchronized first.

Reset password

You can change the user’s password here. Don’t forget to tell them! Without the new password, they will still be able to use the mobile app (provided they’ve signed-in at least once), but they won’t be able to synchronize with the cloud.


Deleting a user is permanent. Any documents they completed that have not yet been forwarded to a subscriber will be kept until they can be delivered. You may be unable to create another user of the same name until all data has been sent and removal can be completed.

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